Temple of Time


My sister traveled abroad in May 2017 to Ireland through EF College Break Tours. (I took one when I was her age and went to Japan.) It was a trip of a lifetime and she had oodles of fun. I’m looking forward to the opportunity to travel with her to new and exciting places.

I credit her with this stunning picture of St Mary’s Cathedral.

St Mary’s Cathedral, Ireland

As soon as she showed it to me, I just about fainted. I’m a huge Legend of Zelda fan and this cathedral looks remarkably similar to the Temple of Time featured in the newest installment to the series: Breath of the Wild.

Take a look for yourself:

Temple of Time, Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Every time I take Link through the Temple of Time, my breath catches. It’s majestic and eery, brimming with nostalgia and details, and just a hint of throwback to previous games in the series. The Great Plateau is still one of my favorite places in the game.

There will be more photographs from her travels across Ireland. Though, not all of them resemble a real-life equivalent of Hyrule.

Stay tuned.

***Please do not use or redistribute without author permission. Seriously, not hard to send me a quick message: teakdstudio@gmail.com and ask. I’ll most likely say yes, so long as you pingback to this post. But ask first.


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