Martial Arts


Welcome to the Martial Arts page. This page is, you guessed it, tailored towards martial arts – particularly ITF Style Taekwondo. As I post and share stories related to martial arts, I shall also post the links here.

In case my lovely readers are curious about the photos…

  1. Pre-Black Belt Test (Recommended). As you can see, I’m very excited and nervous.
  2. 3 board step side kick break.
  3. Post-Black Belt Test (Decided) with my certificate that says I’m official.
  4. Posing with Bill Superfoot Wallace after a seminar with him. This photo in particular is hilarious because he tricked me into kissing him and I was dying laughing.
  5. NINJA!

Featured Stories

The First Time I Saw Him

Unwritten Rule of Fight Club – Don’t Get Into Fights Outside of Fight Club


Featured Projects

Portraits d’une Femme Fatale Interviews:

La Femme – Stacia Cheney

La Femme – Jaynie Sudol

La Femme – Holly Hauxjeffers

La Femme – Liza Jost

PUMAA (Professional Unified Martial Arts) Articles:

Five Self Defense Skills For Children

Martial Life – Teens

Martial Life – 8 Life Skills For Children

Martial Journal Articles:

(Links will open to an external site)

Self-Defense Monologue of a Female Martial Artist

Developing an Independent Mind in the Martial Arts


Martial Arts Personal Commentaries

Don’t Be Beautiful, Be Human

First Private Self-Defense Lesson

A Martial Arts Legacy – and the Stanford Case

I Am A Martial Artist

WhistleKick Martial Arts Radio Interview

25 Need-to-Know Martial Arts Tips

A Message to All Colored Belts



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