Jhase Kade and the Lights of Lyr

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The land of Lyr has not known peace in centuries. Underneath the earth, a great Evil sleeps…

Master Hunter Jhase Kade of House Tiger was born without a Spirit. This fact alone does not make him unusual. However, combined with his native Lyrian birthright makes this very unusual. Those who know him well chock it up to wonky genetics, but Jhase knows that this cannot be right. He feels his Spirit. He just doesn’t have her yet.

Enter Lyra, a Light Spirit born without an Anchor. Born to the Queen, she was raised as a princess in the secure walls of Castle Lyr, knowing she was destined for more. Upon Jhase’s arrival at the castle on a Hunter’s Contract, the connection between them is instant.

When Lyra is inflicted with an evil curse, she and Jhase must embark on a Hunter’s Contract to end all Contracts – they must reassemble the pages from the legendary Book of Truth. To read the Book in its entirety is to possess the Truth of the world; to become the catalyst for either order or chaos. Perhaps within those missing pages, they will find the answer to lifting Lyra’s curse.

But something else seeks the Book and will stop at nothing to possess the knowledge of the Truth. Can Jhase and Lyra defend the Book from those who seek to destroy the world? Will the land finally know peace, or will the lights of Lyr crumble into darkness?


Chapter One – The Master Hunter

Chapter Two – The Master Contract

Chapter Three – The Lights of Lyr

Chapter Four – Recollections and Reveries

Chapter Five – The Darkness in Lyr

Chapter Six – The Book of Truth


Download the First Five Chapters Here!



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